Oakwood Junior School
Alvaston, Derby
Services Provided
Network Infrastructure
Contract Commencement
March 2021
Link ICT installed a high-quality IT network with a Wi-Fi 6 solution from Cambium Wireless for Oakwood Junior School in Alvaston, Derby.

Now, more than ever, schools are using technology to deliver fun and interactive lessons to students. Ranging from interactive touchscreen boards, tablets, and laptops, all of these devices can be used to enhance the learning experience.

However, the need to have multiple devices across several teaching locations all rely on internet connectivity at the same time can place a heavy demand on the school Wi-Fi network. This means that educational institutions may need to take extra steps to guarantee a reliable connection for all staff members and pupils.

It is vital that these devices maintain a dependable connection to the internet so that these technologies can be used without network connectivity issues holding up lessons. Having this consistent access to digital learning content helps to enable collaboration within classroom projects so a time-consuming, slow connection is not acceptable.

Oakwood Junior School in Alvaston, Derby, were beginning to experience these problems and came to Link ICT for advice on how best to upgrade their ageing Wi-Fi system. With 30 wireless devices being used during a lesson by pupils alone, the old system in place was struggling to cope.

In order to provide them with the secure and reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure needed we recommended they upgrade to devices supplied by our partner Cambium Networks who support large groups of users, using cloud or on-premises management, and have robust privacy compliance. This, therefore, provides an impeccable solution designed for educational customers.

The Cambium Wireless network using the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless standards is now in place and all users are enjoying faster connection speeds and performance. The upgrade has helped to increase the speed of their connection, as well as delivering overall coverage by increasing the number of access points around the school. Lessons are no longer grinding to a halt whilst the class waits for each device to load a new page or video.

From an IT maintenance and management aspect, the new Wi-Fi system also allows Link ICT to remotely access and monitor their network and all devices from a web-based interface meaning that if any issues arise, even when a technician is not on-site, information can be accessed and we can make changes remotely to alleviate problems from many internet-enabled devices.

Please get in touch today if you would like to see how Link ICT can implement a Cambium Network solution into your organisation.