Disaster Planning

There are many disasters that can put your business as risk, such as fire, flooding and malicious attacks. With our disaster planning service we can help you to identify the risks that your business may face and plan how you can protect your organisation.  We suggest strategies to help you to minimize risks, such as backups to reduce loss of data or setting up remote working to allow your organisation to continue with business as usual.

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Backup Solutions

Data loss can have a disastrous impact on any business. We can offer backup solutions to prevent your organisation being in the position of having lost important data essential for business function and data protection.  Based on your needs we can recommend and implement the best solution for your business, identifying what data you need to back up and how frequently.  We can recommend onsite backup, offsite backup and cloud solutions, allowing you to recover your important data should the worst happen.

Security Reviews, Planning and Implementation

Looking to review your security, but not sure where to start?  We can offer security reviews that look at both internal and external security.  Through identifying security risks and putting into place appropriate security strategies, such as implementing password policies and using two factor authentication, we can help you to increase technological security at your business.  We can also offer solutions that mitigate external threats, such as firewalls and anti-virus software.

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