Why subscribe to latest version of Microsoft 365?

Using older versions of Microsoft Office can create operational inefficiencies and security risks. Here are some important reasons why the software and licences should be regularly updated.

Best Ways to Backup Data

Data backup should be performed routinely by all businesses and organisations, but sadly we still hear nightmare stories of data that has been lost because this vital task has been overlooked or neglected.

Telephone systems that divert phone calls and support agile working

If there is anything that has been proven by the recent coronavirus pandemic lockdown, it’s that a reliable telephone system is the key to maintaining effective communication.


Link ICT has appointed a marketing agency to respond to demand from companies wanting to set up remote access facilities for employees working from home.


Many of us might be working from home, but guess what – so are the criminals who are trying to trick us into sharing our passwords and other personal information.

I know Link ICT has issued many previous reminders, however, we’ve noticed that the scammers are getting even more sneaky and sophisticated so it could be easy to get caught unawares. Here is our advice on how to avoid being de-frauded.

Future trends for workplace IT & Telecoms. How will workplace technology change?

There is no doubt that how people want to work will change now that so many have experienced the convenience of working from home. But what implications will this have on workplace IT and business telephone systems and how will this impact security risk? Link ICT asked Managing Director, Mark Fryers for his views on the future trends.


On 9 May 2020, Microsoft 365 issued its latest service user update announcing that it will be enabling users to view meetings made using MS TEAMS in separate windows.

Enabling employees to connect to company IT & Phone systems using own mobile home phone

Reduce risk and ensure compliance by helping employees keep in contact with customers by connecting securely to company phone systems using their own mobile or home telephone.

Helping teachers connect remotely to school phone systems to contact pupils

Reduce risk and ensure compliance by helping teachers keep in contact with pupils by connecting securely to school phone systems using their own mobile or home telephone.


Schools and businesses invest heavily in this equipment and will want to ensure it remains a valuable asset on their balance sheet, so we thought we’d provide our top tips for using company IT equipment at home.

Top tips to maximise internet connection speed when working from home

If you you’ve got employees or school teachers working from home these tips could help them speed up their home internet connection.

Setting up business IT networks so employees can work securely from home

How to reduce risk, improve security and avoid security breaches that can occur whilst employees are accessing company networks from home.

How to set your employees up to work from home

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, the UK Government asked as many people as possible to work from home. Link ICT shares its top tips for how employers can set employees work from home successfully.

How to be environmentally conscious procuring business IT hardware

As an ethical IT supplier, we’re dedicated to helping companies procure and use business IT in an environmentally responsible manner.

ROSPA Family Safety Week – Guide to IT Safety for remote workers

During ROSPA’s family safety week, Link ICT provides advice to avoid A&E with useful tips related to using IT at home, particularly if working from home and using electronic devices to keep children entertained.

How can Google Classroom help students to learn remotely?

The Government has announced that schools will close on Friday 20 March. Link ICT explains how Google Classroom can help parents and teachers set and track remote working assignments.

A Message to all our Customers

Here at Link ICT we want to assure our customers that we will continue to support them onsite as per our normal agreements, unless you inform us otherwise, or circumstances change. For any of our customers who decide to close their sites, whether businesses or schools, we can discuss the possibility of providing remote support…

Ensuring your IT users can work from home during Coronavirus

Secure IT networks, reliable internet connectivity, the right telephone systems and access to remote conferencing faciities can enable employees to work from home and help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Which business telephone system should I choose?

Unsure which business phone system to choose? This advice article outlines some of the choices that need to be made and the features and benefits of the latest technologies.

Safer Internet Day 2020: How to stay safe online

By supporting Safer Internet Day 2020, Link ICT in Derby are sharing advice to help schools and businesses stay safe online

Five ways outsourcing Business IT support saves money

Article highlighting the top five ways that outsourcing your Business IT support to a specialist can help you to save money on your business IT costs.

The benefits of Sedao Digital Signage for businesses

Sedao digital signage reseller, Link ICT in Derby, explain how this range of digital signage solutions may benefit businesses.

Link ICT Christmas Opening Hours

Link ICT in Derby outline their Christmas IT Support Opening Hours

How can outsourcing your IT support benefit your business?

Outsourced IT support has many benefits to businesses in Derby, including access to expert knowledge and improved purchasing power, which can reduce overheads and increase profits.

Why should you use Chromebooks in your classroom?

Link ICT are a Chromebooks for schools supplier. Chromebooks offer a simple, low cost solution for schools and offer many benefits in the classroom.

Can using Sedao Digital Signage benefit your school?

Link ICT are an authorised supplier of Sedao digital signage and have the relevant approvals to work in schools and educational facilities.

Derby IT Company launches new website

Derby IT company Link ICT has launched a new website to share knowledge with customers and promote the latest technologies and special offers.

Windows 7 end of life notice – what should you do?

Article by IT and telecoms specialist Link ICT based in Derby outlining what you need to do if you are still using windows 7