Working from home successfully

Hybrid working arrangements are now considered the norm. Successful home working is important as it will mean that your business can offer your employees the option of a flexible work style which may also help to improve morale as well as customer service and response times.

It will also mean that your business can continue to function efficiently whilst ensuring that your employees are able to work effectively without compromising IT security.

The following are our tips for successful home working:

  1. Hardware that is transportable
  2. A phone system that diverts calls to other numbers
  3. Reliable, fast and secure internet connection
  4. Tools to collaborate remotely
  5. Accessible IT support


For employees to work remotely they will need a device that can be taken home. Laptops are a popular option as many employees will already have one.  Also consider whether your business can afford to provide employees with additional hardware such as an extra monitor, keyboard and mouse. These additional peripherals can really help with efficiency and create a more ergonomic working space away from the office.

Also, please take the time to check with your colleagues that they have a space where they can work comfortably and encourage them to take steps to reduce the risks from display screen work.  Where employees are working from home temporarily, employers do not have to undertake home workstation assessments, however, it is still important to share tips and suggestions with employees to make working from home as comfortable as possible. Further information, hints and tips can be found here.


Many employers have concerns about the answering of calls if employees are away from the office and working remotely. Link ICT has been installing and supporting phone systems for many years that already allow for remote working.  The Tax Partnership is already benefiting from the ability to work from home.  By choosing the correct telephone system you can ensure that employees can answer and make calls as if they are in the office, using only their laptop or mobile phone. We also highly recommend kitting your team out with headsets that can simply be plugged into their laptop to improve call quality.


Essential for everyone who works from home is internet access. Read our other blog about how to maximise your internet connectivity when working from home. If your employees don’t have broadband installed, you could also look into the option of using a mobile phone as a wireless hotspot. Link ICT services are able to procure sim-only contracts with unlimited data that can be used for mobile hotspots or as a wireless dongle. Please contact us if you feel this is something that your business could benefit from.


The key to successful home working is the ability for your team to continue to communicate with each other. Here at Link ICT we use Microsoft Teams and have installed Teams for many of our business and education customers. This allows for the sharing of files, instant messaging, virtual meetings and audio calls. It means that all our employees can continue to work effectively with one another no matter where they are working.  Working from home can also be a lonely experience, so the opportunity for virtual meetings and catch-ups can also provide a welcome break and boost morale.

Get the right support:

We understand that many businesses will be finding the current shift towards home working and working remotely difficult.  We are experienced in setting up access for businesses and schools to work remotely. We can make recommendations for hardware, software, telephone systems and cloud solutions, as well as procuring the hardware you need, setting up remote connections and providing ongoing support.

Our aim is to make this difficult time easier for customers, both old and new, by using our knowledge to guide you. If you would like to discuss how we can help you and your employees work remotely from home, please get in touch with us today.