Which business telephone system should I choose

This article will tell you more about which phone system you should choose for your business. We will explain what telephone system we use at Link ICT and why we think that your business would benefit from choosing a similar phone system. We have rolled the same system out to a number of our business customers who are already benefiting from a cost-efficient, reliable and flexible phone system.

When choosing a phone system for your business the primary considerations are:

  • Your business location
  • Access to the internet and connectivity needs
  • How staff work and how you want staff to forward in the future
  • The type of phone handset you require
  • Ongoing maintenance and support requirements
  • Any current problems you wish your new phone system to resolve

Below are our key points to take away from choosing a new telephone system:

Ensure you are Using SIP:

Link ICT was an early adopter of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and has benefited for many years from the flexibility and reliability that SIP offers. With traditional analog telephone lines being phased out by 2025, now has never been a better time for your business to ensure that they are receiving their telephone calls over their internet connections. A “SIP Trunk” is simply a digital telephone line purchased from an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). We work with leading internet providers to procure SIP services for our customers at competitive pricing.

There are a number of key benefits to moving across to a SIP-based IP telephone system:

  •       Future-proofing your telephone system – you won’t be caught out when analog phone lines are switched off
  •       Lower line rental – it is cheaper to have multiple phone lines using a SIP trunk
  •       Lower call charges – we can even offer packages with unlimited calls
  •       Flexibility – it is easier to add additional channels to increase call capacity
  •       Multiple locations – you are not tied to a specific location – you can move office and easily take your number with you
  •       Great for remote workers – a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone can provide the ideal virtual phone system for use at home or remote offices
  •       Mobile worker – a phone app can provide cloud-hosted access to the internal phone system, allowing mobile workers to appear as though they are at their desk

Choosing the Right Phone System:

What’s great about moving to a SIP-based telephone system is that it allows you to integrate telephone management software to configure your telephone system to suit your business needs.  At Link ICT we purchase a yearly software license to allow us to manage our telephones. The benefits of using a hosted system like ours are that your phone service can:

  • Easily set up multiple extensions within the business, amending quickly as and when needed
  • Track call data and report on phone usage to maximize staff efficiency
  • Choose the correct number of simultaneous lines, allowing you to make and receive multiple calls at the same time.
  • Encourage employees to work flexibly, from home or other sites, thanks to the convenient call divert
  • Integrate with other software your business uses, such as your CRM to give you an easy way to see who is calling and track the communication between you and your customer.
  • Convert voice mails to email automatically, ensuring you have totally unified communications and never miss a message or phone call again

When you purchase a telephone system from Link ICT we include your annual software license fee in your monthly charge, leaving you one less thing to remember to renew!

Choose the Right Phones:

Here at Link ICT, we are loyal users of hardware SIP phones. SIP phones (also sometimes known as VoIP phone systems) come in two options, software on your PC or a physical hardware phone.

We recommend hardware SIP phones to our customers because they look and behave just like a normal phone, however, they still have the ability to carry the calls over the internet.  We can help you choose a phone and ensure that we recommend products based on their wide range of features, sleek design, and affordability. They also offer a lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind. There are numerous options depending on your business needs, from conference call phones to traditional desktop phones, and cordless phones.

To ensure the right product for your business we offer phones from manufacturers such as Yealink. Polycom, Cisco and Fanvil.  When providing our customers with quotes we always aim to provide the best solution for their needs, regardless of our preferences. We are always on the lookout for new brands and suppliers to ensure that our customers are getting the best value for money.

If you are choosing a phone system and decide to procure your telephone system through Link ICT we also offer our customers the option of purchasing their hardware outright or integrating the cost of their phones with their monthly telephone contract.  This gives you the flexibility to choose the right payment option for your business.

Chose the Right Network Equipment:

When moving to an IP-based telephone system it is important to ensure that the current network is able to support it.  New network hardware may be required in order to provide power and connectivity to the new telephones. Link ICT has a team of VOIP and network specialists who can make an assessment of your current infrastructure and provide cost-effective solutions to get you up and running. If you feel a little overwhelmed by any of the above terms we would recommend that you contact us today, for a no-obligation chat.

Benefit from Remote Support:

What’s great about choosing a telephone system from Link ICT is that we can offer remote support to ensure that you are not left without access to such a critical element of business communication.  For a small cost within your monthly telephone system charge, we can offer unlimited remote support, so there is always a technician available to support you.


Hopefully, this article has provided some guidance as to what an IP system-based telephone service will provide and also the multitude of benefits of moving to such a system.

If you wish to find out more about procuring a telephone system through Link ICT, please get in touch today. We can talk through your requirements and put together a quote that meets your needs and hopefully saves you money.