Network and Server Management

We can offer network and server management either as a standalone service or as part of our comprehensive support packages. When you appoint Link ICT to manage your network or server we work proactively to monitor the performance of your network and identify faults quickly to minimize the impact on your business operations. We can assist with network provisioning, calculating the current load of your network and identifying future demands to help your network to grow with your business.  With our server management services we can help you to back up your data and manage the server load to make sure that your business runs at full capacity with no loss of data.

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Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation

From designing your network, to commissioning a new server, we offer comprehensive network infrastructure solutions.  Depending on your specific needs we will recommend the best wiring and cabling solution, this could be Cat-5, Cat-6 or ultra-fast Cat-7.  Should your business work across multiple locations we can help you to create a connection between sites and to remote workers. Whether you’re moving into your first office, relocating your growing business or installing new equipment, our team can help to you create the most suitable, cost-effective and reliable network on which to support the efficient performance of your organization.

Wireless Networks

We understand that wireless networks can be just as useful as wired networks, especially for our smaller or more cost conscious organisations. We can help you to ensure that your wireless network offers great security and connectivity whatever your budget.  If you need visitors to access your network temporarily a wireless networking solution might be just what you need. We can help you to set up guest wireless and temporary wireless access to provide quick, easy and secure access to your network.

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