Outsourced IT support benefits businesses in Derby

What sets Link ICT services apart from other outsourced IT support companies is the level of support we offer to our customers, even when we’re not there! Our main USP is that our retainers include having an IT technician on-site, on set days and times. But, even when we are not on-site, there is also a lot we continue to do behind the scenes to ensure your IT and telephone systems are operating effectively.

In this blog, we share with you what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the schools and businesses we work for receive the best outsourced IT support.

Remote monitoring of IT and telecoms equipment:

Even when we’re not there, we are still aware of what’s going on at your site.  We follow best practices to ensure that we receive important updates about key technology such as IT servers and telephone systems. Should anything urgent happen, we ensure systems are set up so we receive alerts that activates a support ticket. This ensures our support desk is notified and enables us to act as soon as possible.

IT research and training:

The world of technology is ever-evolving and in order for us to ensure that we are offering the best advice and practical support we need to keep abreast of any changes. Our technicians subscribe to industry newsletters and notifications to ensure that they are aware of the latest developments in the world of technology.  Link ICT also offer continuous professional development opportunities to our employees, allowing them to take part in extra training to benefit our customers.

Collaborative work with colleagues:

Another way we ensure that we are providing comprehensive IT support to our customers is by working collaboratively. Each of our customers has unique needs and sometimes our technicians are presented with new challenges. By reaching out to colleagues and working together to solve problems, we use our collective expertise to resolve issues and provide the best solution for our customers.  We also spend time talking to the office team who support us in creating quotes for customers and procuring equipment.

Remote IT support:

Many of our customers choose to add remote support to their on-site IT support contracts. This allows technicians to respond to support queries quickly and efficiently, rather than waiting until they are next at the customer’s site. Our ticketing portal allows customers to easily raise support tickets and most support queries can be solved remotely, including password resets, printing problems, and software issues.

Creating and updating IT policies and procedures:

To ensure compliance with key IT policies and continuity of service between support staff, all our technicians create, follow and maintain IT policies and procedures.  This enables us to ensure that any one of our IT technicians can support your site, making sure that support is always available when you need it.

Can we help you?

As you can see, on-site support is only part of the work we do for our customers.  Our culture is genuinely focused on ensuring that all our technicians go above and beyond throughout the working day to provide outstanding service to all of our customers. If you would like to benefit from our collective knowledge and experience of managing IT and telephone systems for a wide range of businesses and schools, please get in touch today.