Outsourced IT support benefits businesses in Derby

As providers of outsourced IT support in Derby, when we talk to businesses about whether they’re looking to outsource their IT support, many people ask the question “Well, why do we need to?”.

We hear this response from organisations of all sizes. Often smaller businesses don’t feel that they need specialist IT support and are happy to manage IT maintenance, updates, and procurement themselves. On the other hand, large businesses often think that employing their own member of staff will be the best solution.

You won’t be surprised to hear that at Link ICT we believe that in most circumstances businesses will be better off outsourcing their IT support to an IT Services Provider and here’s why!


If you were to employ your own full-time Network Manager, you could be looking at a salary of £30,000 to £40,000 with the additional costs of the employer’s national insurance and other company benefits. This cost may be too great for a smaller company, when in fact, support from a technician at Link ICT would cost significantly less than this, with no need to pay to recruit! By combining on-site visits with remote support you could ensure that you always have the support you need but at a cost, that may be surprisingly affordable given the benefits and the release of your time to run your business.

Additionally, if you are a larger company we can also provide additional staff to supplement your team.  This could be of benefit when you need specific expertise to supervise a project, have a short-term need for additional staff, or are looking for a more senior member of staff to supervise or mentor your team to enhance their skills and knowledge.


When employing a member of staff you are limited to an individual’s knowledge. The technicians at Link ICT offer a wide range of skills and expertise. When our technicians have finished their support slots, our office becomes a hive of activity, with technicians sharing insights from their day and seeking the advice of others. They will also study the latest developments and technologies as part of their continued professional development as well as receiving product training from our suppliers.

Additionally, if your technician encounters a problem outside of their level of expertise, Link ICT has a network of other IT individuals to call upon. This means that issues can be solved quicker, improving efficiency.

Value for Money:

When you employ your own IT team it may be difficult to cover holidays and sickness. Should you choose to outsource your IT, we ensure that you never go without your guaranteed support slot. If your dedicated technician is unavailable for whatever reason, we will always provide an alternative technician.

Another reason that Link ICT provides value for money is the procurement links we can offer. With 15 years in the industry and connections with a number of leading distributors, we can offer competitive pricing for your hardware and software needs. Our buying power may not be a benefit that your own IT team can offer.


Depending on the size of your company, you may find that you are taking on much of the IT work yourself or splitting it between members of your team who may lack the knowledge you need. By employing Link ICT to supply your support we take responsibility for your IT, freeing you up to fulfill your own role.

Additionally, if you find that your technician is not the right fit for your company, you can arrange for a different technician. If you have employed your own member of IT staff, you may not have this freedom without following protracted HR guidelines and procedures.

What are the possible risks of outsourcing your IT Support?

Some IT services providers may have additional clauses in their contracts, tying you into buying all of your IT hardware and software from them, with a hefty markup. This leaves you unable to shop around for the best deals on products.

Other IT support providers may also add hefty additional costs for support outside your service level agreement. At Link ICT we ensure that we are transparent in our pricing structure and ensure that you have the right level of support for your needs. Whether it is a monthly half-day visit with remote support or a full-time Network Manager we will ensure that you have the right level of coverage for your IT needs.


At Link ICT we believe that outsourcing your IT can benefit any organisation, and that’s why we are still successful 15 years on. Our support is as unique as your company, therefore we can provide a service that is specific to your needs. By employing Link ICT to provide your IT support, you will be able to benefit from the value for money, ease, and additional expertise that we can offer.