Business with digital signage in boardroom

At Link ICT we have built up a great partnership with Sedao Digital Signage and we are proud to be a reseller of their products.  We’ve had the chance to explore the Sedao products and see what sets them apart from other digital signage solutions. As a result, we have recommended them to a number of our customers who have opted to use Sedao as a communications tool. In this article we are going to share just what makes Sedao great and how it may benefit your business to install a Sedao Digital Signage Solution.

What is digital signage and how can it be used in my business?

Digital signage can often be associated with the world of retail, however Sedao digital screens are starting to become more common place in other establishments around the world.  Digital signage solutions are screens, combined with a media player, that enable you to communicate effectively with staff, customers and visitors. Sedao have even found evidence that effective communication is one way to improve employee happiness and increase productivity.

In the past, key information and news may have been displayed in paper format on posters, or sent in email and been easily missed. However, by installing a Sedao display in your entrance, office or meeting room your important messages can be displayed on an eye catching 4K screen applications to ensure they’re seen by all.  Sedao’s screens can be combined with Sedao media players, which allow for the broadcast of media such as posters or photographs to the screen.  Sedao media players come with a large range of layout templates so that you can easily drag and drop to build your own message, using animated text, image slideshows, movies, clocks, news feeds and much more.

The following are examples of how Sedao digital signage can be utilised to improve signage and communications with staff and visitors:

  • To signpost delegates to the right meeting rooms
  • To be used as part of a meeting room booking system
  • To advertise promotional offers or discounts
  • To promote company news and announcements
  • To give visitors a personal welcome
  • To broadcast live news feeds around the building
  • To provide instant updates, such as security alerts
Benefits of Sedao Digital Signage

 How can my business benefit from using a Sedao Digital Signage Solution?

There are numerous benefits to using a Sedao system within your business. Their large format displays are designed to have great visual impact, meaning that your message is more likely to catch the eye of your customers and staff. One of the key reasons that we recommend Sedao to our customers is due to their ease of use. Designing, updating and broadcasting to your displays can be done remotely from a central location, meaning that you can utilise your precious hours at work more efficiently.  To ensure that the content on screen suits your audience the player can even be set to display different images at different times of day

Why choose Link ICT to procure and install a Sedao Digital Signage Solution?

There are a number of reasons to choose Link ICT to procure and install your Sedao Digital Signage Solution:

  •     As a reseller of Sedao Digital Signage, we have partnered with Sedao to provide competitive pricing to our customers
  •     Our knowledge of your needs means we can recommend the best digital signage software solution for your business
  •     We can handle all stages of the procurement and installation, providing a one-stop-shop
  •     Our experienced technicians install at a time to suit you, including after work hours, minimising the disruption to your business
  •     We can configure the solution and train staff in how to use the Sedao software so you get the most out of your product

Should you wish to learn more about Sedao, or would like to discuss a quote, please get in touch today.