We want to say a huge congratulations to School Transition Limited which is celebrating its fourth anniversary and offers a range of unique, GDPR-compliant, data transition portals for the education sector. 

School Transition is an innovative software that enables education customers such as nurseries, primary and secondary schools to seamlessly and securely, transfer data for children transitioning between each stage.  

Using their expert education knowledge, and working with teaching professionals, alongside an innovative development team, School Transition now sits at the forefront of education software development. 

The vision for School Transition began with James Dachtler several years ago. Having worked as a transition lead for a large, inner-city, secondary school for over 10 years, James knew that there had to be a better solution to the time consuming, inefficient transition process for year 7 pupils. James’ vision was a transition portal that focused on communication between primary and secondary schools, to improve outcomes for Derby City students.

To achieve his vision, James needed to work with a company capable of developing, deploying and supporting such an ambitious city-wide project. James chose to work with Mark Fryers, from Link ICT Services, as a trusted local IT and telecoms support company based in Derby. It was from here that School Transition Limited was born.

Since the launch of the Primary to Secondary Transition Portal, which was the first software developed by School Transition, the software has been expanded to include an Infant to Junior Transition Portal, a Secondary to Post-16 Transition Portal, and most recently a Nursery to Reception Transition Portal. 

School Transition began with a pilot project in Derby City and following the launch of other portals, it has been successfully rolled out to other schools and education authorities in Lincoln, Plymouth, and surrounding counties. 

Four years on, there are now over 2000 users that have embraced using the portals to improve the transition outcome for students and enjoyed the time-saving benefits School Transition provides. 

We have been delighted to witness this success and Link ICT has enjoyed providing users with IT technical support to ensure they are confident using the software and helping to resolve technical queries whilst using the portals. 

Link ICT continues to work alongside School Transition and hopes to celebrate more milestones as the software is rolled out further across the UK. 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using School Transition portals, please watch the video on the School Transition website or complete an enquiry form to arrange a demonstration.