Enabling employees connect to company phone systems using mobile

The latest guidance from the Government is asking people to carry on working from home if possible.

If you currently have employees who are using their home phone or personal mobile to keep in touch with your customers Link ICT might be able to help make this easier for them to maintain contact, whilst also helping your company reduce its risk exposure and remain compliant with data protection regulations.

Over the last couple of weeks we have helped businesses who have quickly had to adapt to allow employees to work from home. We’ve install phones systems that enable employees to connect to the company IT and phone systems securely using their home landline or personal mobile phone.

The phone system uses an App on the employees mobile phone. The App enables you to make and receive phone calls by connecting to the company phone system.  By using this highly secure technology your employees are able to continue to work remotely from home and also have confidence that all the contact they have with your customers remains professional, secure and compliant with data protection legislation. Call recording facilities can also be added as an additional feature if required.

As you know, at Link ICT we work hard to ensure businesses have the very best IT systems and connectivity, so if we can help your account managers, business developments and customer service teams stay connected to customers in a secure and professional manner, please let get in touch and we’ll will talk you through the process of how we can install this technology.