Link ICT Technician supporting Chromebooks in schools

All the way back in April a few lucky members of the Link ICT team attended Google for Education Training. This training focused on how using Google in the classroom can benefit both staff and learners. The key takeaway from their training was that to really get the most out of Google for Education, Chromebooks in the classroom are a must. Link ICT is a Chromebooks for education supplier and with many schools moving towards one device per pupil, Chromebooks offer a simple, low-cost solution for schools.  

A Chromebook is similar to a laptop or tablet and just as capable. However, instead of running a Windows (or other) operating system, they are powered by a Google Chrome operating system. Programs that would normally be stored on the computer’s hard drive are accessed via the internet using the cloud. When working offline these programs can be downloaded and stored locally. Because the Chromebooks access programs using the cloud, this reduces the need for large amounts of RAM and hard drive space.  This has many benefits which will be discussed further in this blog. Chromebooks can access both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace for Education. Google Workspace for Education is a set of online apps used by over 30 million students and teachers worldwide.

What are the benefits of using Chromebooks?

When combined with Google Workspace there are numerous benefits to choosing Chromebooks:

  • Firstly, No more spending your precious lesson time waiting for laptops to load. Chromebooks load within 8 seconds!
  • Budget-friendly – Chromebooks come in a range of formats including tablets, traditional laptops, and touchscreen devices
  • You don’t need to worry about RAM or hard disk space, everything is stored in the Cloud
  • Google Workspace for Education and Google Classroom actively promote collaboration between students and teaching staff
  • Using Google Workspace for Education means that all Chromebooks are managed centrally and updates applied remotely. Therefore IT support time can be allocated elsewhere, increasing efficiency and making your budget stretch further
  • No need to worry about ensuring that you have the latest version of Windows on your laptop. Your Chromebook automatically updates quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced paper wastage. Instead of handing out homework, files can be uploaded to Google Classroom, allowing you to collect and mark assignments electronically
  • Finally, there are options to add additional warranty to protect against common classroom accidents
Link ICT Technician supporting Chromebooks in schools
Link ICT Technician supporting Chromebooks in schools

Why choose Link ICT to procure, install and support Chromebooks at your school?

There are a number of reasons to choose Link ICT to procure, install and support your Chromebooks

  • We are a Chromebooks for schools supplier and have great links with suppliers to provide competitive pricing to our customers
  • Our knowledge of your needs means we can recommend the best solution Chromebook solution for your school
  • Our Google trained technicians can install and manage your Chromebooks using Google Workspace
  • We are able to provide training to staff that allows you to get the most out of your Chromebooks
  • Our experienced technicians can install your Chromebooks at a time to suit you, including after school and during school holidays

Should you wish to learn more about Chromebooks, or would like discuss a free trial or demo, please get in touch today.