Cyber Essentials

Cyber security breaches are something all organisations want to avoid at all times. Therefore, to help with the protection of an organisation’s data and information, a support scheme backed by the UK government, called Cyber Essentials has been established.

The UK government introduced this scheme to enable a safer, secure, and protected online environment for all organisations. Small, medium or large organisations can benefit from being Cyber Essentials certified as it helps to shield them from cybercrime threats. The UK government worked alongside the National Cyber Security Centre to ensure that Cyber Essentials Certification meets the essential requirements to defend organisations from potential cyber-attacks.

Here are the leading benefits of Cyber Essentials:

Benefits of Cyber Essentials

  • The Cyber Essentials Certification is to pledge to your customers that you will consistently be working to secure all your technology against a possible cyber-attack. It shows that your organisation takes cyber security seriously.
  • It can help to attract new business to your organisation as you have that guarantee of using measures to protect and upkeep your cyber security. It has also opened up the opportunity to work with the UK government for specific data-led bids. It is mandatory for an organisation to be Cyber Essentials certified to be able to provide technical services to the government.
  • It helps to see clearly the security level of your organisation and understand the areas that may need improvements.  If so, by making these enhancements you are not only appealing to others you are also further protecting your data.

If these are benefits you think your organisation would like to take advantage of, the Cyber Essentials partner, the IASME consortium can help to get your organisation certified. They offer two different types of certification, Cyber Essentials, and Cyber Essential Plus. Cyber Essentials is an online self-assessment that is evaluated by a certification body who will either pass your organisation and you will be qualified, or they can fail your organisation but will give you constructive feedback on which areas of security need improvement for you to re-apply.

Once qualified with Cyber Essentials you gain certification for 12 months, protection from cybercriminals, and the appeal of cyber security to new business. Link ICT Services are proud to have achieved their own Cyber Essentials Certification and are able to support their customers in achieving their own certification. Please get in touch for support in getting your organisation protected.