Clevertouch Technologies

Each Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm, the staff at Link ICT have an online Teams meeting to catch up with internal company news as well as provide an opportunity to share knowledge.

As most of our staff are based onsite with our lovely customers, it is not very often we are all together in the same place, therefore we started to implement the meetings as they also help to ensure we all have a weekly check-in with our colleagues.

Our discussion points are usually quite varied and focus on technology ideas, catching up on what everyone did at the weekend, and sometimes they are used as a training session to enhance the skills, knowledge, and expertise of our technicians.

At our last Teams Meeting we organised for Clevertouch Technologies to deliver some refresher training on their Clevertouch interactive boards. This included basic skills training for the boards and Lynx Whiteboard, which is a lesson-building app that comes free of charge with Clevertouch digital signage and interactive screens. We have a great relationship with Clevertouch Technologies that has built over the many years we have worked with them and we really enjoyed listening about the screens – just as much as they love talking about them!

The training was very similar to the training that is provided to the end users when purchasing Clevertouch Technologies through Link ICT Services, but this session was slightly more technical to ensure our technicians have a greater knowledge of each product and are therefore able to support customers with any queries they have.

As an authorised Clevertouch distributor, we also wanted all staff to understand the vast features and benefits of the different Clevertouch product capabilities, such as the many different styles of pen to the varied content included with the software for lesson planning and interactivity.

One of our technicians, Matthew Jackson, said “The training was super helpful and incredibly detailed. This additional knowledge will enable me to provide more useful IT Support and as well as help me when training and demonstrating the technology to our customers, so they are confident using the features to create new and interesting lesson plans.”

If you would like to introduce or expand the use of Clevertouch Technologies in your organisation and would like to book a demonstration or additional training, please get in touch!