Save money on business IT costs

You will be pleased to know that there are a number of ways to save money on your IT costs, whilst still ensuring that your IT does everything you need it to, and possibly more!  In this article, we highlight the top five ways that outsourcing your Business IT support to a specialist like Link ICT can help you to save money on your business IT costs.

1: Outsource your Business IT Support to a specialist

Outsourcing your IT support can be much cheaper than employing your own member of staff. By employing your own full-time Network Manager, you could be looking at a salary of £30,000 to £40,000 with the additional costs of the employer’s national insurance and other company benefits.

Support by a technician from outsourcing specialists like Link ICT would cost significantly less than this, with no need to pay to recruit!

By combining on-site visits with remote support you could ensure that you always have the support you need but at much less cost.  Not only can outsourcing your business IT support save you money, but see the other benefits here 

2: IT Equipment Procurement

A specialist IT equipment supplier is buying directly from manufacturers all the time and therefore will have access to special rates and discounted deals that you may not be able to access. This means you can benefit from their buying power.

Having been in business for over 15 years, we have built relationships with our suppliers and partnered with many leading hardware manufacturers.  These relationships enable us to procure products significantly cheaper than RRP, savings which we pass on to our customers. Our expertise means that we are well-placed to make product recommendations.  By utilising our skills and expertise you can trust us to ensure that you have the right product for your needs, with longevity and future-proofing to reduce future costs.

We also have relationships with suppliers who offer refurbished and open-boxed products, which means we can source the latest technology with significant price reductions. Not only can choosing refurbished hardware help to reduce cost, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. A majority of the environmental impact from manufacturing a PC occurs during the production process.

3: Use an IT expert for installations:

To reduce costs, many businesses believe that by installing IT equipment themselves they will save money.  However, using an IT specialist such as Link ICT for installations, you could actually reduce costs. Our technicians are likely to be able to install both hardware and software quicker, and they will ensure that it is optimised especially for your needs.  Secondly, you will also have a point of contact to help to provide you with ongoing support.

4: Look after your assets:

Another way to reduce your costs is to look after the assets you already have.  Having a retainer agreement in place with an outsourced IT provider means that they can also provide maintenance and repairs on a wide range of hardware, from laptops to projectors.

You may think that your slow laptop needs replacing, but instead one of our expert technicians can restore its speed by reimaging it and carrying out other health checks. We can also assist in asset management, completing inventories, and tagging your IT equipment to prevent loss by theft.

One final way of protecting your assets is through IT risk management. We can help you to prevent data loss and reduce the impact on your business in the event of an incident such as hacking or fire damage. Preventative backups with a monthly cost often work out cheaper in the long run than specialist data recovery in the event of an incident.

5: Rethink your telephone system and internet:

Another way that you could reduce your IT outgoings is to assess the performance of your telephone system and internet and review the terms of contracts.  By utilising Link ICT’s expert knowledge and relationships with telecom suppliers, we can help you to achieve a more efficient telephone system at a reduced cost. Our internet packages combined with web filtering enable you to monitor internet usage, block websites that are inappropriate for staff to access during working hours, and produce time-wasting reports. This means that by appointing Link ICT for your web filtering services we can help you to increase productivity within your business.

Five money-saving ideas

Hopefully, we have been able to demonstrate just how outsourcing your Business IT to a specialist like Link ICT can help you to save money on your IT costs.

You can learn more about how we have helped other businesses to reduce their costs, including through outsourcing their ICT support, by reading our case studies. We are always happy to provide a free review of your IT, so if you would like to begin cost-saving today please get in touch!