Clevertouch IMPACT Max

We all understand how the Clevertouch screens have changed the classroom for the better and how they have made lessons interactive and simplified. To continue the improvements Clevertouch Technologies is introducing its brand-new ultra-durable IMPACT Max.

The IMPACT Max offers 65″, 75″ and 85″ 4K resolution screens and ultimate interactivity. With the stylish and sleek indigo and blue bezel, and powered by the speedy Android 11 software, the IMPACT Max not only looks good but also is secure to assist with organisations’ compliance with their Cyber Essential Certification. This keeps your peace of mind that your data is stored and protected.

It has been built as the perfect solution for educators and is the optimum unit for the most powerful, memorable learning experience.

The IMPACT Max unit includes 2 crystal clear 16W speakers to ensure the sound can fill a classroom. There is also a built-in microphone so lessons can be recorded for those that may be learning remotely. This is also a great attribute for businesses wanting to work collaboratively with others that may not be able to make a meeting in person.

Included within the cost of the screen is a whole host of different software:

  • Clevershare 5 – Download this clever app on the Cleverstore. It now allows for collaboration and screen sharing for up to 50 devices making it easier for all pupils in the classroom to view the content like documents and images, shared on their in-use devices. These devices can be Android, Windows, iOS and Chrome as the Clevershare app is compatible with all.
  • Cleverstore 3.0 – The Cleverstore is forever growing and expanding, meaning that there are now more apps to download for your Clevertouch screen. The apps are for all ages and abilities and are all free of charge and covered within the cost of your screen. They have been carefully selected to ensure there are no adverts and that the content is suitable for schools.  They just need a quick and simple download.
  • Clevertouch Live – Clevertouch screens are also a communication tool with the ability to broadcast and share information with the app. The screens can double up as digital displays when not in use for lessons. You can display different messages to all screens within the school which could be emergency and daily broadcasts or weekly extracurricular activities.
  • Lynx Whiteboard – Available at no extra cost or required subscription, Lynx Whiteboard offers so many different tools to create interactive content for your lessons with embedded media that can be saved to the cloud and shared with pupils and colleagues and be used on any Clevertouch board. The whiteboard feature also offers lots of different pen and art styles and there can be two users of pens simultaneously with a natural handwriting feel.

Clevertouch technologies also hold up their 5-year on-site de-install/re-install warranty with the IMPACT Max meaning a longer life for your interactive screens.

Are you looking at purchasing some screens for your organisation? Contact us at Link ICT to help arrange a demo of the IMPACT Max with Clevertouch Technologies themselves!