Interactive screens from highly regarded manufacturers such as Clevertouch, provide the next generation of the optimised touchscreen. Previously, interactive screens meant that only one point within the screen could be pressed at once. However, this technology has really advanced rapidly and is more capable than ever.

The latest touchscreen technology from Clevertouch, now enables schools and businesses to benefit from multipoint touch 4K screens, a 5-year warranty, and exclusive software.

5 Reasons why Clevertouch screens are the future of knowledge sharing

  1. Interactive Learning – Using technology has risen to the forefront within meeting room and classroom environments and enabled elements of gamification to be used so that learning and knowledge sharing becomes more interactive and fun. Interactive screens help to move away from the traditional paper and pen-style of knowledge sharing.  A more digitised tech-enabled classroom leaves pupils excited to learn using new types of electronic equipment and helps work colleagues interpret information more clearly. The collaborative functions within Clevertouch screens help ensure lessons and meetings can be designed around the style of delivery of the presenter and the needs of those watching. Clevertouch enables this collaboration using whiteboard annotation and interactive apps.
  2. Hundreds of Free Apps – With each Clevertouch screen purchase, there is also access to the Cleverstore. Within the store, there are hundreds of free apps that are specially designed by creative educational app developers to engage pupils within the classroom. The different variety of apps that are constructed to work with many curriculums like Maths, Science and Literacy. There is something for all key stages to aid with all aspects of a pupil’s academic journey. It provides trustworthy content for lesson resources to help with lesson plans.
  3. Easy Maintenance and Long Term Reliability – Whilst projectors may be a cheaper way to display content to an audience, most do not offer the same interactive capability. There is also the added cost of maintenance and regular cleaning or replacement projector bulbs. This also decreases the reliability of projectors. Interactive screens are low maintenance and much more reliable.  Their precise touch capability and forever crystal clear, high-quality resolution screens offer a long-term effective solution.
  4. 5-Year Warranty Included – All Clevertouch screens come with a 5-year warranty which includes on-site visits from Clevertouch and the replacement or repair of any defective parts. Clevertouch screens are ideal for fast-paced, high-energy environments that need to have reliable presentation aids that can withstand daily use over lengthy time periods. The combined benefits of a 5-year warranty and the aftersales support from Clevertouch mean that organisations can feel secure with their purchase.
  5. Different Mounting Options – Another benefit of interactive screens is the ability to have different mounting options. No matter the size of the screen there is a suitable mounting option that would be best for your environment. Some of these secure mounting options include a wall mount, which can be tilt, electric, or fixed, whichever may be most suitable. Free-standing mounts are also available where walls are unstable. Trolley units are also a mounting option for when screens need to be more portable for use in different rooms.

Link ICT has a preferred supplier agreement with Clevertouch which enables us to offer the best deals on the entire range of Clevertouch interactive screens. If you would like to explore the benefits of interactive screens or would like to arrange a demonstration please get in touch.