Remote working during Coronavirus

The news headlines are currently dominated with stories about the Coronavirus. There is currently no vaccine for this virus so every effort is being made to contain the spread. This has led to many schools and businesses asking IT users to work from home, particularly if they have any symptoms of being ill, however mild.

As part of their business continuity plan, most schools and businesses should have IT risk management contingency plans in place to ensure workers and pupils are able to work from home and access systems remotely. Whilst these plans were more than likely put in place as contingency plans to be implemented in the event of the building being inaccessible, the same contingency plans should help businesses respond to the needs of pupils and staff who need to self-quarantine but feel able to carry on working remotely.


We can help you set up a secure and protected network that will enable employees and pupils to access systems and work remotely. We can also ensure you have the broadband bandwidth to support the demand from users wanting to access systems remotely.

This can also include installing the latest SIP based IP telephone systems which enable the seamless diversion of phone calls to another number. This can be a mobile or landline number and means people can call the usual office phone number and be transferred without then realising the person they are speaking to is not in their office.

Working from home also does not mean that employees can’t take part in meetings. The use of conferencing facilities means that groups can still interact visually to collaborate from anywhere there is an Internet connection.


Coronavirus has to get inside a host body to survive and is spread by inhaling the droplets sneezed or coughed by those who are already infected, or by transferring the virus internally by touching our nose and mouth with hands that have recently been in contact with the virus.

The UK is currently in the containment stage and this is why the advice is for anyone who is even mildly ill to stay at home. If we can stop the virus from spreading, it will eventually die out, or precious time will be bought to find a vaccine.

If we can help your business continue to operate efficiently and you would like to learn more about using remote working technology please get in touch.