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In the ever-developing world of digitalisation, it is not surprising that, especially within the current pandemic, organisations are having to adapt their IT strategy to the digital world. As more and more organisations adopt and adjust to using digital formats, we thought it might be worthwhile explaining what digital transformation means, how it may impact your IT strategy and why it has become so fundamental to the smooth running of organisations. 

What is Digital Transformation? 

Digital transformation is a term used to explain how organisations have used digital tools to transform into an electronically driven, newly efficient organisation to keep up with the ever-changing environment of technology.  

Some typical examples include: 

  • Using automated payroll and banking software and apps.
  • Cashless payments and online banking.
  • Automated call routing and voice command devices. 
  • Robot technologies in manufacturing.
  • Software apps to control electronic devices such as energy systems.
  • Electronic document storage to give ease of access and search through files. 

Why is a Digital Transformation IT Strategy Important to Businesses? 

It can be detrimental to an organisation if they cannot keep up to date with the latest technology. This can be because other organisations may start to develop with technological advances and other undeveloped organisations will be left behind and may face a loss of business.  

Evolving your IT strategy using new digital transformation technologies gives businesses a digital and competitive edge over other organisations as you will be able to reach out to a wider customer base and provide a modern service.  

It can also help to enhance profitability, as time, human resources, and expertise are saved by using technology automation to replace tasks done manually by employees. It is also fundamental for organisations to keep developing to certify that they are maintaining high performance and delivering to customers. 

Digital transformation is important to improve the operational processes within an organisation. It can help to make the organisation more efficient and effective. There are many different ways that organisations have transformed from manual processes to digital formats in order to improve their customer and employee communications.   

The following are some examples of where digital technologies have replaced manual processes: 

  • Manual Payroll to using a Payroll Software 

Within all organisations, payroll can be a time-consuming and complicated process, especially if there is a rise in employees. So, transforming into a technical payroll software to help execute the task swiftly and quickly can help to reduce the chances of human error. The software can also offer help with completing other procedures like holiday planning and HR services. Therefore, with the time saved on the payroll process there is an opportunity for the organisation to develop further within other areas. 

  • Cashless Payments 

The current environment within the pandemic is all about reducing the contact between the organisation and their customers, which is why advanced methods of cashless and contactless payments are becoming more of a priority. The advantages of becoming digitalised with contactless card payments and other methods like PayPal or Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are vast. It helps to keep the process secure, transparent and recorded accurately. Moreover, these records can then be analysed to gain further insight into their customer base and therefore knowledge of their target audience.  

  • Automated Call Routing and Diversion 

Adding automated call diversion to a large organisation can be indispensable. With so many employees, it can be hard for customers to be put through to the right department they are wanting to speak to.  The diversion is usually based upon voice or button activated replies from the customer which then averts the queries to the phone system of the correct department e.g. Customer Services or Sales. The direct diversion can help to keep customer satisfaction high and grant a quick response rate to customers and others inside and outside the company.  

How can Link ICT Digitally Transform your Organisation? 

Here at Link ICT, we want to help all organisations run effortlessly with the help of advanced IT. There are so many benefits that we can implement that relate to digital transformation.  

We want to invest our latest industry expertise and knowledge into your organisation to enable you to introduce the latest IT systems, software, and technologies in a way that is secure and reliable. With our help, you will be able to implement software and hardware systems that will support your business and deliver process and manual handling efficiencies. 

We can work with your organisation to develop the communication between your colleagues, customers, and suppliers which can make a huge difference to the service they experience when they deal with you.  

A business that is supported by an effective IT and telecoms infrastructure has a much better chance of having a happy, engaged, and motivated workforce, as well as a highly satisfied supply chain and loyal customers.  

Link ICT offers a comprehensive, specialised, and modern range of IT services for businesses and educational institutions. We hope that all our services enable your organisation to flourish, succeed and thrive where ever the employees are based.  

Link ICT’s Digital Transformation Possibilities

Here are some examples of how Link ICT can help to transform your organisation digitally: 

  • Provide quick and reliable internet connection to ensure that each employee can work at full capacity.  
  • Integrate a leading-edge hosted phone system that queues and diverts calls to a specific employee or department, even when working from home.
  • Safeguard your business from security threats that are ever more dangerous with this upturn in digital technology.  
  • Implement strategies to help manage IT risk and cyber fraud.
  • We understand how important data is within all organisation, as a result, we want to secure and protect any information that you cannot lose with our data backup solutions. 
  • Support all your employees with any IT queries with our remote support helpdesk ticket system.  
  • Incorporate our IT knowledge with the growing popularity of remote working and learning.  

If you require advice or assistance to implement a digital transformation IT strategy within your business please complete our enquiry form.