We highlight some of the most common issues that the Link ICT support team receives and how we help to resolve them.

We’ve been having a look through the past history of some of the support calls we receive and thought it might be useful to highlight and explain how we resolve some of the more common problems we encounter.

Forgotten Passwords & Resets

This is probably everyone’s achilles heel, particularly if, as instructed your IT users are following all the best practice guidelines such as having separate passwords, not auto-saving or writing passwords down anywhere, sharing passwords, and changing them on a regular basis. We also find this issue is more prone to occur when users are trying to access accounts that are used infrequently and particularly on their return from long periods of absence.

Our password reset request solution

If we spot this as a regular issue and feel it is beginning to take up too much support time, we initially help by trying to educate users to agree on a formula known only to them that will help them choose and remember their passwords. If this does not help, we can recommend and set up enterprise options such as Azure Active Directory.

What is Azure Active Directory?

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based directory and identity management service from Microsoft. When set up, it helps organisations enable their employees to sign up for multiple services and access them anywhere over the cloud with a single set of login credentials. As well as helping to alleviate the forgotten password problem it can also provide protection against cybercrime. Azure Active Directory comes in four editions – Free, Office 365 apps, Premium P1 and Premium P2 and we use our knowledge and experience to help clients choose the right plan for their needs.

Slow laptop or desktop performance

Firstly we will investigate if there is a technical issue causing the delay which can be rectified, but if it is simply down to age or out-of-date hardware, the only option is to consider upgrading to a higher specification laptop or desktop. We have great relationships with many leading manufacturers and due to our bulk buying power and are generally able to negotiate competitive prices on replacement equipment. Where possible we help our clients to buy or lease equipment as part of a long-term IT strategy that ensures all IT equipment is upgraded before its performance can impact user productivity or cause operational inefficiencies which may affect profits.

Unresponsive screens

Another common support request arises when colleagues wish to use interactive screens to collaborate. Again, we will talk users through a problem-solving checklist to rule out issues caused by connectivity, but if the fault lies with the screen itself we can arrange under-warranty replacements if applicable, or we can research the market for the best offers. We have agreements with many leading interactive screen manufacturers such as Clevertouch and due to our great relationships, are generally able to negotiate competitive prices on replacement equipment.

Can we help plan your long-term IT equipment strategy?

When you choose Link ICT Services to procure your IT and telecom systems and equipment, our friendly, experienced technicians can support you through every step of the procurement process. From recommending the best products based on your needs, delivering your items to the site, installing, and teaching how to get the most out of your new purchases. We support you to get the best from your tech purchases.

We’re proud to partner with a number of leading hardware manufacturers, including HP, Lenovo and Dell. When Link ICT Services recommend products for our customers, we listen carefully to your needs and ensure that we recommend the right solution for you. As we’re able to supply a wide range of trusted brands we can verify that you get the best specification for your budget.

If you are encountering any of the above problems, please get in touch to see if we help you resolve them, and if you are not quite ready to change equipment, why not follow us on LinkedIn or FaceBook to keep up to date on the latest offers available from our suppliers.