Our technicians may be the most familiar faces on-site, but working away in the background are our Admin Team. Danielle Poulter joined the Link ICT Admin Team in August 2020 after finishing her degree in Criminology, with the aim to complete a Business Administration apprenticeship to further her career prospects. After lots of hard work, we’re extremely pleased to say that Danielle has completed her Business Administration Level 3 apprenticeship with Learning Unlimited.

We asked Danielle some questions about her time on her apprenticeship and how it has helped her gain hands-on experience that no classroom could give.

What have you learned while being on your Business Administration apprenticeship?

When starting my apprenticeship, I worried that my lack of experience in Business Administration would be an issue with being able to do anything towards my apprenticeship at all. But I was hopeful that my personal qualities would be enough to help push me through. However, the main thing that has helped me develop is actually being on the job while learning off the job too. The whole experience in the business world has been very exciting and eye-opening. It has been wonderful to see how my learning on my apprenticeship, as well as my actual work, have flowed together for me to build confidence in my tasks at Link ICT. Also, whilst I have been understanding my role at Link ICT, I have been able to also absorb the background to the more technical and academic side of a business admin role.

What valuable life skills and behaviours have you gained during the 15 months of being on the job?

My confidence has been able to grow so much while at Link ICT. My abilities have very much improved in all aspects of my job role, as at the start I felt overwhelmed with how much there was to do and learn, to become a valued member of staff. Not only did I have to learn how to become a competent business administration for Link ICT, but I also had to learn all about technology too. Being at Link has helped me to learn so much more about IT and understand even more how computers are essential to a job role like mine. I think that if I was in a non-IT/technical business, my learning would not have been as advanced as it has been.

What has Link ICT done to support you during your apprenticeship? 

The training and work that has been set by my apprenticeship company followed on perfectly in my learning at Link ICT. For example, I would start to look at stakeholders within my apprenticeship and this subject would become more familiar and link with my work with the stakeholders at Link ICT. This then allowed me to give more and more examples as to where I have been using these specific skills, knowledge, and behaviours within my role.

I have achieved so many things while being on the job at Link ICT and off the job within my apprenticeship and I feel proud of the amount of time and effort I have imputed into all my work. Link ICT has been an amazing supporting team which I am very thankful for!

We want to say a huge well done to Danielle and congratulations on passing her apprenticeship. We know that you have learnt so much whilst being with us and are using all your new skills with our lovely customers every day. Thank you for all your continued hard work with us!