Harry Barker, one of our IT technician apprentices has reached the end of his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship after 15 months of excellent hard work! We wanted to catch up with him to find out how he has found the last few months during his assessment period and the lessons he has learned and values gained while being an apprentice at Link ICT

What have you learned while being on your IT apprenticeship?

During my apprenticeship at Link ICT, I have had the pleasure of being able to work in a range of different areas of technology, from laptops to servers, to setting up interactive screens to deploying cloud solutions. I have been responsible for different IT networks, alongside a range of IT professionals and who have been able to show me different ways of completing tasks but still find the right result and resolution.

What valuable life skills and behaviours have you gained during the 15 months of being on the job?

I have learned organisational skills and the value of good communication and this has allowed me to be able to manage my time as timing can be a big part of the jobs I undergo daily. When a school needs IT support to help with their lessons, it is vital to be available to help as soon as possible for the least amount of disruption. My role has also made me more confident in communication with a range of different people from different backgrounds with vast amounts of experience. 

My apprenticeship, along with experience within a workplace, has given me lifelong skills and enjoyment in the area I work in. I have been able to study within my apprenticeship time of ‘off the job’ to improve my knowledge and skills as well as being taught these by other professionals who specialise in certain areas of IT and this has expanded my knowledge of these areas. 

What has Link ICT done to support you during your apprenticeship? 

The support from Link ICT has been great and the opportunity to learn so many different areas of IT has been very beneficial. I have been offered the chance of being able to have real-life experience working in IT to be able to learn on the job instead of inside a classroom.

I feel with the knowledge and experience I have learned in the last 15 months there are a range of future possibilities and there are many areas where I can use my skills to help people when needed. Now, I would like to expand further on my knowledge of IT but also refine my expertise in network areas. My apprenticeship will help as it has given me the experience of working in a busy IT environment and practically being able to show how the knowledge learned in the classroom can be put into use in real-world situations.

We want to say a huge well done to Harry and congratulation on passing! We know that you have learned so much while being with us and are using all your new skills with our lovely customers every day! Thank you for all your continued hard work!