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Some organisations think that sourcing external IT support is a task that is expensive, irrelevant and an unnecessary waste of time. This is a response we have heard from different organisations of all different sizes. Often, small organisations feel that they do not need a specialist and believe they will be able to manage all IT needs themselves. Also, larger businesses often think that having a permanent, onsite, staff member will be the most cost-effective and best solution.

However, we believe that in most circumstances organisations will be better off outsourcing their IT support and maintenance. They will be able to gain so much from a dedicated, knowledgeable, technician who is readily available, either onsite or remotely to support their organisation. As an IT solutions provider, we explain how outsourcing to an IT support company can benefit your organisation.

Personalised and Flexible:

Before we send out any quotes, we like to get a thorough understanding of your organisation,  to see how we will be able to assist your team. With detailed phone calls and on-site visits, it helps us to acknowledge your current IT infrastructure and see where we can make positive adaptations. We then personalise all our quotes to your specific organisation, giving you a range of options to cater to your needs. Our options demonstrate our flexibility and adaptability in a number of ways.

One of these options is to have onsite support visits only, which can be perfect for educational institutions. Having a member of the Link ICT team onsite with you gives you that one-to-one support, especially when technology doesn’t do what you want to! For those moments when you cannot get the projector, printer, or interactive screen working in front of your class of pupils, or when the students cannot access what they need to within the short time they have with devices, an onsite technician can be the perfect solution. The allocated technician that visits your site is there for you, right when you need them. The site visits also help you to build trust with our great staff members who just want to help make your working day with technology as straightforward and effortless as possible.

Another option we offer is a more cost-effective, remote support only, contract. These can be perfect for smaller businesses that do not require constant IT support and may need guidance on building their IT infrastructure. Also, with our dedicated remote support hours of 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, we are available during the working day, giving you access to support whenever needed.

Our best solution is the combination of our on-site technician visits supplemented by remote support to ensure that you always have the support you need, in person or remotely.

Cost Saving:

As technology becomes more and more vital in the smooth running of an organisation, whether that be in reliable data backup services or supplying tools for effective communication between employees, all different types of IT can be expensive. However, the maintenance of these different systems can also be costly and something that can easily be forgotten about. Therefore an IT support company, like Link ICT Services, can be your partner in keeping your IT infrastructure up-to-date and ensuring it is running in the most cost-effective, proficient, and long-lasting ways. By combining a technician’s dedicated on-site visits with our remote support ticketing system, we can assure you that we can give you the support you need, but at an affordable cost.

We are always open with our customers and have their best interests at heart in advancing your organisation’s IT. So unlike some other companies, we ensure that our pricing is transparent and you are fully aware of why we want to offer you the right levels of support and equipment that meet your organisation’s needs.

As well as our strong relationships with well-known distributors for brand new IT equipment, we also have great relationships with suppliers who offer refurbished and open-boxed products. So if your IT budget is smaller than others, the latest technology is still available with significant price reductions. Not only can choosing refurbished hardware reduce costs, but you are also being environmentally friendly by reducing your carbon footprint which is something Link ICT proactively does as an organisation.

Knowledge and Expertise:

Not only can outsourcing your business IT support save you money, but it can also bring a whole new range of skills to your organisation. For all organisations, small or large, our skilled technicians can be an additional staff member to supplement your existing team. If you need specialised support in something more technical like, telecoms or internet connectivity or even your IT procurement, we can put you in contact with a member of the Link ICT team that exercises expertise in that particular area.

Some of the areas that we have expertise in are:

  • Internet Connectivity and Filtering
  • Telecoms Systems
  • Display Signage and Interactive Screens
  • CCTV Systems
  • Servers and Data Backup
  • Laptop and PC Procurement
  • IT Installations and Configurations

Depending on the size of your company, it is often that individuals can be responsible for their IT and this can take up valuable employee time and slow productivity. Outsourcing your IT support can help you to have that point of contact for any IT needs or issues, leaving these troubles as the responsibility of your IT technician, freeing your time back up for other tasks.

Choosing Link ICT

Our 15 years of experience in the IT industry shows that we have benefited many organisations by them outsourcing their IT support through Link ICT and providing a service that is unique to their needs. By employing Link ICT, your organisation can ensure that you are getting a service that is value for money, offers expertise in many areas, and can help to keep your IT equipment running with ease. You can learn more about how we have helped other organisations through outsourcing their ICT support, by reading our case studies.

If you would like any more reasons to give Link ICT a call, read more here about what sets us apart from other IT support companies.

We are always happy to provide a free review of your IT, so if you would like to begin cost-saving today, please get in touch!