What is EU Coding Week 2021

It’s EU Code Week 2021! Running from 9th until the 24th October 2021(which is actually a fortnight) this campaign aims to raise the profile and understanding of computer based coding and its importance.

Because we are heavily involved in providing IT support to education providers, we are always looking for information to share with schools that will empower and encourage young people to be competent users of technology. In this article, we share the purpose of EU Code Week and highlight why we think this initiative is so important.

In the rapidly changing world of technology, the development of coding skills is becoming more important than ever. Recognising the growing importance of computational thinking skills, in 2014 the Government implemented the new National Curriculum in England.  A key area within this update was Computing. From the age of five, children begin to learn the fundamentals of computer coding. Supporting the ever changing world of computing, EU Code Week aims to bring coding to everyone in an accessible manner and help to inspire individuals to gain coding skills to make sense of the world around them.

From our work in schools, all the way through to the recruitment of young people as apprentices, we aim to help to educators develop a passion for computing in the next generation. Through training, sharing of best practice and bringing up-to-date technology into schools, we hope that all young people we work with are inspired to use IT to enhance their learning. You never know, these young people could go on to choose careers as IT consultants and software developers!

As well as inspiring young people, EU Code Week also aims to reach individuals of all ages. Teachers and students can get involved by accessing the EU Code Week website here.  The website contains a wealth of resources to inspire activities. Through the EU Code Week website education professionals can access promotional material to help them to share their coding activities and inspire others.