Max Briggs

We are delighted to announce that Max Briggs has joined our team as an IT Technician in order to expand our team of experts that help to deliver IT advice, training and IT support for our clients. Max will be supporting our customers, both remotely and on-site, as part of our IT support packages.

Since he started in his role, Max has shown great promise and feedback from clients shows that he has already become an amazing asset to our team.

We thought it would be great to interview Max to find out more about his role.

What attracted him to the role of IT Technician at Link ICT?

I have always had a keen interest in technology, from gaming, planes, and cars. Anything computer-related has always been a fascination for me. Particularly the ways that they have developed over time to make our modern lives easier. I also love the F1 and have been to Silverstone to watch the British Grand Prix.

What experience do you have in the IT industry? 

Ever since leaving school, I knew I wanted to follow a career in IT. My first job was at Currys PC World where I gained lots of knowledge about the latest tech and equipment. I then moved on to working in a similar environment to Link ICT in a role that involved supporting schools and businesses with IT support. I was there for a year and a half and decided I wanted a new, refreshing environment with a more personal relationship with the customers and so I chose to join Link ICT.

Why did you join Link ICT? 

There was no one reason that I joined Link ICT, but I felt there would be an opportunity to gain more experience and thought that the fresh challenge was exactly what I wanted. At the interview, I could see that the environment was supportive, organised, and structured which is something I seek within an organisation.

What have you learned since starting with us?

All schools and businesses have different IT infrastructures that quite rightly are designed according to what works best for them. What I like best about Link ICT is that they really understand this ethos and are willing to be flexible and adopt a customer-focused approach to how they go about resolving issues. They are really committed to ensuring users understand the technology they have available so that the organisation can operate efficiently and productively. Whilst at first it took a little time to adjust to new systems or processes, get up to speed with the different equipment and understand how each client set up operates – I’ve found that this is building up my experience which is something I wanted from my new role.

How would you like your career to progress at Link ICT?

My career at Link ICT has only just started so I am still finding my feet and learning new things. Despite only being here a short time I already feel part of the team! I hope to gain more knowledge in areas such as Network Management, which will then help me to expand my future career prospects.