What is the future of workplace IT & Telecoms?

Whether you own or are employed by a small, medium-sized business or an educational institution, our aim is to help all organisations integrate the use of IT and telecom systems in a way that delivers operational process improvements and allows users to operate more effectively. There is no doubt that technology and its adaptations have advanced significantly and that most people will come into contact with some type of IT equipment or software as part of their daily activities.  

In today’s technologically led cultures, all organisations will benefit from specialised IT support. Especially when remote learning and working from home became a mandatory requirement.  

Here are five ways that Link ICT Services can help you ensure an organisation and its users can work to their full potential using IT and telecom systems that are fast, secure, and efficient. 

  1. Improved Communication 
  2. Data Security & Compliance 
  3. Maximising User Knowledge 
  4. Strategic Planning and Procurement 
  5. Backup Support 

Improved Communication Between Staff Members   

Communication is an essential part of any organisation and IT tools that enable this are even more vital. More recently the demand for alternative communication tools has been much higher due to the requirement to adhere to social distancing policies. Working from home has become the new normal for many employees and has meant constant adaptation of daily routines.  Therefore, things like face-to-face meetings can be difficult to arrange as there are still many people working from home. 

We help employees to have access to various IT and telephone tools that enable seamless communication between customers, suppliers, and other staff members within a security-protected network.  

We understand how important communication is and we can help to implement different mechanisms to help connect people who are working remotely using video conferencing facilities that you can rely on to be fast and secure. These include cloud-hosted phone systems as a result of our dedicated partnership with 3CX.    

The on-site and remote IT support we provide has also become a lifeline for educational institutions that have been mandated to comply with government directives to deliver remote learning for pupils. One aim of Link ICT is to ensure pupils and school staff members always have the ability to maintain their academic relationship even when they are not able to be within the classroom.  

Our technicians have an unrivalled knowledge of the best software to use for remote learning and can set up safe and accredited systems such as Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams so, that everyone involved can utilise their many benefits.  

Maintaining Data Security and Ensuring Compliance  

Data can be the very core of a business, so a data breach or loss and the reputational damage and interruption caused, can be difficult to recover from.   

The security of data is more essential than ever, particularly with information that is stored digitally. It is also understood that cybersecurity threats constantly evolve and that avoiding data security breaches can be difficult to defend against.

With Link ICT working with your organisation to understand your needs and risk profile, we can provide a security plan that meets both your budget and protection requirements, without cutting any corners. But we will ensure your security system continues to be advanced, as threats change.  By doing this we provide peace of mind that data security threats are minimised. We will also consistently review your internal and external procedures, educate users on how to avoid threats, and implement solutions that can mitigate external risks, such as firewalls and anti-virus software.  

We also look at the data specifically and ensure that protocols are in place to control the amount of storage your organisation uses and how frequently your data is backed up.   

Finally, we also provide an on-site or off-site backup of your information with cloud storage, so if any data is lost, it can be recovered easily. 

Get the Most Out of your IT Equipment  

We understand that IT and Telecoms systems progress at a great pace, so we are always on hand to ensure you are thinking and planning ahead, so when major investments or upgrades are required they are approached strategically. Our approach means that upgrades can be fully project managed and compatible with other equipment you may already deploy. 

Whilst we aspire to make certain users are encouraged to expand their IT understanding, all too often equipment is purchased that is of a higher spec and expense than is required. We often find this occurs when buying equipment like laptops. Our trained technicians will work with you to conduct a procurement needs analysis to spec out your requirements to guarantee what you buy will meet your needs and budget. By using an IT procurement specialist like Link ICT you will be able to gain access to the most competitive deals for new devices to ensure the IT budget is spent wisely and that new purchases are valued for money. 

Technology has breakthrough so much that sometimes users do not fully realise the benefits and capability of the IT equipment available for them to use. This can have a significant impact on the cost of hardware and business profitability. Especially if higher-spec hardware is purchased and is not utilised and users are not trained how to fully take advantage of the benefits obtainable.  Our provision of regular user training means that individuals and businesses benefit from building familiarity and confidence using the IT equipment available to its full potential. 

We can also help with hardware repairs and improvements. At Link ICT we like to give all IT equipment the lasting life it deserves. Therefore we offer competitive pricing for repairs and upgrades for equipment ike laptops, servers, and PCs.

Our education sector clients have found that by advancing the technology available, standards have been raised across all areas of the curriculum and they have greatly improved the quality and enjoyment of lesson delivery both in the classroom and on-line. Studies suggest that student engagement is higher when they are using technology equipment because it aids collaborative working and builds ICT life skills they appreciate. 

A Dedicated and Available Technician with a Can Do Attitude   

Sometimes, all that is needed to quickly resolve an IT issue is an approachable expert who is freely available for advice. Resolving problems quickly means users can get back to being productive.  

All Link ICT clients are allocated a dedicated technician who will be on-site to provide support. This means they can visit you each week during a dedicated AM or PM timeslot and take care of your ICT needs. Performing preventative maintenance to ensure the continued smooth operation of systems, resolving ICT issues, and coming up with solutions to keep staff working productively and effectively using technology.  Professional relationships are important, and we generally find that our technicians integrate so well with your staff by providing friendly expert advice and an asset that is very soon, considered part of your team. Click here to meet some of our hard-working and committed technicians. 

Remote Support for When You Need Us Most 

Not all ICT issues will occur whilst our technician is on-site, so we also operate a dedicated ticketing system, where customers can request remote support. Requests submitted through our online portal will be logged on a list of jobs and viewed by your particular technician.  When your ticket is accepted by a technician you will be sent an email letting you know that it has been seen, and receive updates to your request via email too. If any issues, questions, or queries are more urgent, we will ensure this is efficiently picked up by a member of staff and forwarded on to the relevant most available technician. With our remote support purchase option, all Link ICT technicians can also be assigned to your ticket to deal with your request as soon as possible. 

Whether we are on-site or working remotely, we can usually resolve most issues as we are able to use remote access software to connect to your systems from a different physical location providing there is internet access. These flexible arrangements are perfect for organisations that may not need a full-time presence on-site, and just need help with IT issues as and when needed.  

Please contact Link ICT to request a free quote and let’s begin changing challenging IT and Telecoms systems issues within your organisation into a thing of the past!