How to spend your IT budget

With the start of the new financial year and a majority of children returning to the classroom, many schools are now considering how to spend their IT budget in 2021. Taking into account the new challenges that schools have faced during the pandemic, here are our ideas of how you could spend your budget to get the most out of your IT resources and future proof against the possibility of remote learning in the months to come. 

Choose to Install Clevertouch Impact Plus Interactive Screen: 

Many classrooms would benefit from the installation of Clevertouch Impact Plus interactive screen in 2021. Clevertouch boards do not only enhance learning when children are in the classroom but also enhance remote learning too. When schools choose a Clevertouch Impact Plus Display, it can be used as a video call screen to allow teachers to live stream their lessons to learners working remotely.  Clevertouch software can also be downloaded to any device, allowing teachers to set work from any location.  

Purchase Laptop and Tablet Charging Trolleys: 

Thanks to clever budgeting by schools and the Department of Education, many schools are finding that they have a greater number of devices, but nowhere to store them.  To get the most out of your devices, why not choose to spend your budget on new charging trolleys? By choosing a trolley from a leading manufacturer such as ZioxiCompucharge, or LocknCharge you can ensure that devices are stored correctly, can be accessed easily, and are always charged and ready to go. 

Choose Chromebooks: 

To future-proof classrooms against bubbles bursting and potential future lockdowns, many schools are moving towards a device per-pupil model. To get the most out of your budgetChromebooks offer a simple, low-cost, and low maintenance solution for schools. Utilising Google Workspace for Education, all Chromebooks can be managed centrally and updates applied remotely, making them perfect devices for those learning remotely. This also means that IT support time can be allocated elsewhere, increasing efficiency and making your budget stretch further. 

Enhance Your classroom with Sphero: 

As we look towards the Future World of Work, schools have the responsibility of teaching and inspiring our next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. One way to do this is to include the use of Sphero within the curriculum. These robots can be used across the curriculum to support the teaching of programming. Schools already using Sphero have reported improvements in pupil ambition and engagement. 

Ensure you Have the Right IT Support: 

Our final suggestion for how to spend your school’s IT budget in 2021 is to take the time to ensure that you have the right levels of support for your school’s needs. Consistent IT support by a technician who goes above and beyond is fundamental to supporting learners and staff whether remotely or face to face. This testimonial is from one of our happy customers shows the difference the right IT support can make.

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