Learning at Work Week

Learning at Work Week 2022

The human brain never stops taking in and processing information. The saying, you learn something new every day, could not be truer. Learning is lifelong no matter what stage you are in life or where you are in your career.  Learning is fundamental within the workplace as it helps to shape our everyday lives and our workplace relationships.   

Learning at Work Week, which takes place from the 16th of May to the 22nd of May, discusses the theme of Learning Uncovered which wants to enhance lifelong learning in work communities.  

The promotion of learning comes through everyone within an organisation being collaborative as a team. This helps us all to grow a greater passion and level of learning in order to have a deeper understanding of the workplace and the workplace dynamics.   

Collaborative learning is one of the best ways to learn new information and grow relationships with colleagues. We learn from others and our surroundings all the time, without realising.   

Learning at Work Week is dedicated to provisioning ideas and skills from others and putting that learning at the forefront of the mind in order to discover hidden potential and other opportunities that learning can bring.   

These are three main points that the Learning Uncovered theme seeks to achieve:  

  • Uncover learning potential   
  • Uncover hidden powers   
  • Uncover new dimensions  

At Link ICT we have committed to uncovering all of these different sections of the theme to be able to continually progress our learning and help all our staff work collaboratively.   

Going forward we will be implementing a weekly team meeting for half an hour to help us all discover more and deliver different training for different systems that we use internally. We will also use this time to discuss anything that we all have learnt that week, whether that be in our personal lives or within work.   

No matter how small others may think your new ideas and skills may be, learning is so important.   

We hope these meetings will be beneficial for all our team, including our administration department, as they will help everyone gain a deeper understanding of our business processes, and the technology we use and encourage the sharing of experiences that highlight what others might have learnt this week.   

What will your organisation do to promote learning this week?