Benefits of Bulk Buying Laptops and IT equipment

The demand for laptops is at an all-time high and as this trend of working and learning from home continues, it is doubtful this demand will decrease any time soon.

Consequently, many businesses and schools are researching the best way to purchase the equipment they need. Increased demand has meant that the cost of buying laptops has increased significantly, and the stock of affordable laptops is difficult to come by. Despite this, now is still a great time to be investing in IT equipment, such as laptops, to ensure that staff is able to work at maximum efficiency wherever they are based.

Now is also an ideal time for businesses that pay corporation tax to buy new IT equipment as they will benefit from the new super tax deduction which means they are able to claim 130% of the spend and thereby reduce their tax liability.

One way to procure laptops and maximise the available budget is for schools and businesses to consider utilising bulk buying discounts.

By working with a reseller like Link ICT we can leverage our bulk buying power and strength of relationships with manufacturers and distributors to help you buy laptops and other IT equipment at preferential prices.

When helping clients, here are some of the questions we frequently get asked about our IT procurement services:

1. Is there a minimum order quantity for laptops and equipment?

There is no minimum order quantity for how many laptops your organisation has to buy.  Resellers, such as Link ICT, work to coordinate the purchasing for a number of organisations to maximise the number of laptops they purchase at once. This increased buying power then reduces the cost for all customers purchasing at a similar time.

2. Do I have a choice in the brand and specification of equipment?             

Absolutely. We will work hard to understand your needs and ensure that we procure the right equipment with the best specification for the budget.

3. What benefits are there to buying laptops through a reseller with a bulk buying discount? 

Resellers are skilled in working directly with manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo and HP, and have access to key contacts within these organisations.  They are experienced in negotiating the best possible deal for your budget and are often able to secure added extras, such as extended warranties.

4. Can I make the most of the other discounts at the same time?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, not only can you benefit from price reductions thanks to our bulk buying discount, but businesses are also able to utilise the new super tax deduction scheme for purchasing IT equipment. Education customers can also benefit from registering for the Microsoft Shape the Future program to reduce the cost of laptops and other devices even further.

5. What payment options are available to me?

Resellers are also able to offer a range of purchasing options, such as leasing equipment. Many manufacturers offer their own leasing options which means you can purchase the equipment you need without a large initial outlay.

6. How do I arrange a quote for equipment?

As a reseller, Link ICT is able to provide quotations for equipment. Please get in touch today and a member of the team will listen to your needs and work to provide the best possible quote for your organisation.