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In this article, we look at how 3CX can help save organisations money. Many schools and businesses have invested in telephone systems that integrate with app technologies, such as 3CX. Without getting too techy, this means that all calls to the main company telephone number or direct dial to specific individuals or departments can be seamlessly switched and diverted to another number on any device with the 3CX software installed.

With mobile phones being readily available and access to mobile phones growing rapidly every day, many people around the world now have a mobile phone. Having the 3CX software means that all calls received can be easily diverted to a different mobile, instead of a costly work phone, this could be the employee’s personal mobile. Diverting these calls to a personal mobile has the potential to save organisations money, as it avoids providing employees with a company mobile phone on which to use solely as a work-related phone.

Here are some of the advantages of using 3CX:

  • Employees don’t have to carry two phones or have a deal top phone. By just having one mobile phone for both personal and work reasons, they can make and receive personal and/or work calls during business hours, but log out of the call queue outside of working hours.
  • Charging both phones can be a hassle for employees and often they will be unreachable because they forgot to charge them. But it is very rare you will find that their personal phone is out of battery, so communication can be improved if one phone is used for both simultaneously.
  • Logging in and out of the call queue is a quick and easy-to-use process to help separate work and home life.
  • Companies can save money by not having to buy modern mobiles or lock themselves into lengthy mobile phone contracts.
  • All calls can be easily diverted to different devices, which makes working from home or any destination, UK or abroad, even more accessible. The app can also be downloaded to different devices like laptops.
  • Work-related phone calls are still secure as they occur within the company infrastructure.
  • Customer satisfaction is improved as your customers can connect to the right person much more directly and quickly.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using 3CX

Organisations that have 3CX recall very few disadvantages, but some employees may feel it is easier to switch off from work mode if their own phone is purely a personal phone and their work phone is completely separate. This can be overcome by having clear company policies and guidelines in place, like using your phone for personal reasons only during their allotted breaks and for all employees to remember to log out of the call queue when out-of-office hours start.

Want to know more?

The 3CX mobile applications are really easy to install, configure and use. If you’d like to discover how to reduce your operating costs, and improve communications with your customers and work colleagues, please get in touch and read our product page on telecoms.