Woodville Schools Federation
Services Provided
CT Support, Networking, Connectivity, IT Planning, Product Procurement, Audio Visual
Contract Commencement
April 2010

Link ICT has supported Woodville for almost 10 years. Link ICT is trusted to provide their complete managed IT support, with two technicians ensuring that the IT provision for the school supports the teaching and learning to the best of their ability. Originally a separate Infant and Junior School, Link ICT have supported the school in moving to become federated, ensuring consistency in the IT provision for the schools between multiple sites.


On a day-to-day basis, Link ICT technicians ensure that all hardware, such as laptops, computers, and printers are working efficiently, resolving problems as and when they occur, as well as working proactively to foresee future issues. The technicians have built strong relationships with the staff in the school, who feel comfortable raising queries and asking for additional training where needed. The school has also benefitted from the Link ICT helpdesk, when issues arise outside of their dedicated support slots they can log a ticket for the technician to deal with in a timely manner. This ensures that staff receives support in a timely manner and issues can be prioritised efficiently.


Woodville Schools Federation benefits from having support provided by one of our Senior Technicians.  This means that Link ICT assists in budget planning and hardware replacement planning, ensuring that the school’s IT not only meets their current needs but also their future needs too.  To ensure that the school’s budget is utilised effectively Link ICT has assisted in implemented software called Papercut to help maintain, monitor, and reduce wasted printing. Our Senior Technician is also skilled in assisting schools with risk management, from weekly backup, to managing security and access to data files and folders. This ensures that Woodville is safe in the knowledge that should the worst happen, they are in the best position to mitigate risk to the school. Windows Updates are efficiently implemented to increase security and minimise security risks. To improve functionality both in and out of the classroom Link ICT has also previously implemented a Ruckus Wireless System.  Staff and students benefit from fast, reliable, network access wherever they are onsite and also protects the school, providing secure access.


When Woodville moved to become a federation, our technicians implemented cloud-based Office 365. Not only has this increased security, mitigating risks to the school, this has also improved function for staff, allowing them to access their email from approved mobile devices wherever they are.  Staff also benefit from a remote gateway server to offer secure remote access when working from home, allowing staff to utilise their time both in and out of school effectively. Thanks to implementing active directory sync with Office 365, staff have a single passwords between onsite and offsite Microsoft products.