Link ICT have worked as our IT support company since January 2015. Since then they have provided an excellent level of service and have helped us successfully become a school with a strong It network and structure.

They work in advance letting us know what future developments we need to be aware of to ensure that we keep a secure and stable IT structure across the school for our 60 staff and 420 children. They respond rapidly to technical support requests.

Many of the IT goods and hardware that we purchase are done so after obtaining at least three quotes, of which one is always from Link ICT. We consistently see that Link ICT always provide us with competitive quotes and are often able to come in cheaper than the others.

In relation to technical support and the service level agreement we have with them they provide excellent value for money for the time every week that we have staff on site and the 7 day a week remote support we have access to.

As well as providing excellent IT support all the Link ICT staff I have worked with have always been polite, helpful and friendly. The staff that come into our school on a weekly basis have become part of our staff team and family.