William Gilbert Endowed Primary School and Nursery
Belper, Derbyshire
Services Provided
IT Support & Procurement
Contract Commencement
November 2020
William Gilbert Endowed Primary School

During the summer of 2022, William Gilbert Endowed Primary School in Belper, Derbyshire took the leap to change its classrooms to be Clevertouch-friendly and had eight new screens installed. This means that all their classrooms now include an interactive, high-tech, 4K Clevertouch Technologies screen.

A dedicated Link ICT technician had been providing on-site IT support to the school for two and a half days each week since 2020, so we were already familiar with their needs and IT infrastructure.

Therefore, when they expressed an interest in introducing Clevertouch Technologies interactive screens, as an approved supplier, Link ICT was able to arrange a free demonstration and trial of the 65” IMPACT MAX interactive screen so that the school could confirm that this technology was the right solution for them.

Due to our long-standing buying partnership with Clevertouch Technologies, we quickly arranged a demo screen to be delivered and loaned to the school for a full week. This enabled them to have full use and access to the screen and therefore understand its capabilities and benefits. We also explained the competitive pricing structure we are able to offer.  As an appointed supply partner, we bulk buy for all clients and as a result, benefit from additional discounts that we apply across all our customers.

Seeing the screens in person was useful to see how they would fit within their classroom environments and how they appeal to educational end users. Along with the use of a demo screen, we also booked a scheduled session with a Clevertouch Technologies Product Specialist, for an introduction to their endless possibilities on what they can do and how they work.

Based on this trial experience, the school decided to go ahead with Clevertouch and placed an order for seven 65” Clevertouch IMPACT screens for each of their classrooms. A 55” Clevertouch IMPACT PLUS screen, was also installed in a carpeted area within the nursery.

We installed the screens over the summer holidays to ensure that disruption to teaching and learning was kept to a minimum as teachers, and pupils were away from their classrooms.

Having new technology and equipment can be a daunting experience and because Clevertouch screens offer a wide range of functionality, Clevertouch Technologies provided after-sales training to ensure users were confident using all the features offered by their new technology.

This training was similar to their demonstration but also included specific training on Lynx Whiteboard and the everyday use of the screens that also helped to support teachers to get to grips with each feature. We also introduced them to the Cleverstore, which has hundreds of free educational apps, like the Clevershare app. Clevershare allows for collaboration and screen sharing for up to 50 devices making it easier for all pupils in the classroom to view the content like documents and images, shared on their in-use devices. Lynx Whiteboard and Clevershare have since been deployed across all devices and are now used by all the staff at William Gilbert Endowed Primary School.

The deployment of interactive Clevertouch screens has been an exciting development for both staff and pupils. Learners now have a new interactive way of learning and teachers can enjoy creating engaging lessons for their pupils and utilising the capabilities of the Clevertouch screens.