Corfield Church of England Infant School
Heanor, Derbyshire
Services Provided
Commercial Telephone System
Contract Commencement
November 2020
Commercial Telephone System - Corefield Church of England Infant School Heanor

Communication is key in every organisation and there are so many ways that Link ICT can help ensure communication tools are implemented into an IT strategy. One example is a high-quality, easy-to-use commercial telephone systemsuch as the one we have installed into Corfield Church of England Infant School in Heanor. 

We have supported Corfield with their IT support system for 5 years and have a dedicated IT technician that is onsite once a week who works closely with the staff members and pupils to ensure technology is always advancing and enhancing their learning and teaching methods. This includes a phone system that enables all staff members to work and communicate effectively with colleagues, pupils, parents carers and suppliers. Also, as the system is mainly software-driven, it is more flexible and easier to integrate. 

 Having installed an integrated commercial telephone system, Corfield Church of England Infant School now benefits from:

  • A cloud-hosted phone system 
  • SIP Channels (Phone Lines) with a personalised number of inclusive minutes to landlines and mobiles per channel 
  • An easy to use mobile phone app 
  • Free installation and configuration of the system, including system design 
  • Support from a dedicated technician to train users how best to use the system
  • Ongoing advice on the best phone equipment that is most suited to your organisation
  • Financial savings on equipment and all costs. 

The new system has increased their communication and collaboration and staff can work more quickly and efficiently.   With the phone system in place, they now have access to their phone system wherever they are. 

The phone system allows users to make, receive and transfer calls on various different devices such as regular desk phones, mobile phones, PCs, and laptops.  As working and learning from home became a necessity to keep staff and pupils safe, being able to manage their phone system from home has also been a great success. 

If you would like to learn more about how our technicians can improve your telephone system, please get in touch today!