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Within the modern world, CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a vital element of technology. Therefore, the presence of well-placed CCTV  surveillance cameras has become a necessary tool in being able to record and view footage wherever and whenever your organisation needs it. Their presence will help to deter intruders and provide crucial evidence should a break-in or act of vandalism need to be proven. 

There are different types of cameras and setups for CCTV surveillance and they all have a defined purpose and application dependent on the differing needs of the areas that need to be monitored and most organisations will have different needs. 

When deciding the type of CCTV system to install and where to position the cameras many organisations carry out a security risk assessment, which often involves questions such as the following:

  • Are they for indoor or outdoor use? 
  • Do they need to be a visual deterrent or subtle? 
  • Do you need them to span a large area and/or focus on smaller specific areas?
  • How high resolution do you need the images to be? 
  • How would you like the footage to be stored and managed? 
  • Are there any areas that need added protection due to the value or sensitivity of the goods stored? 
  • What other factors may cause a security risk
  • Other regulatory or compliance needs such as conditions of insurance

Increased occurrences of theft and vandalism mean that CCTV surveillance is becoming essential in all organisations that wish to minimise these risks and have viable evidence to support disciplinary or legal action.

CCTV for Schools 

Installing CCTV within schools and educational locations helps to provide an additional level of security in addition to physical deterrents such as fencing and access control. Schools are not open 24 hours and although they are often gated and fenced off, this added layer of CCTV protection helps to ensure there is a deterrent during times when the school is closed –  especially overnight, weekends and during holiday periods. 

CCTV also helps to protect staff and students. Should an incident occur, CCTV data can be retrieved and the events that have unfolded can be reviewed retrospectively. School management is able to gain valuable insight about the incident which can be used to determine the appropriate action. The presence of CCTV and access to the data can help to enhance the school’s safety and reputation, meaning that resources can be focused on learning and development rather than worrying about incidents and security threats.

As well as protecting others on site, there is often expensive equipment within schools that enhances the learning experience. However, this type of equipment can be attractive to criminals, so having 24/7 CCTV surveillance can deter criminals from choosing your school as a target.

CCTV for Businesses 

Installing CCTV within business environments offers similar benefits to those mentioned above for educational organisations. It acts as a deterrent to prevent theft and vandalism and is often a requirement for business insurance.

Other key benefits include monitoring employee behaviour to help ensure health and safety compliance, time keeping and also to protect valuable assets.

How can Link ICT help?

At Link ICT we can also help to install a new CCTV infrastructure with cameras carefully placed to protect your premises. Get in touch today if you’d like to learn more about protecting your organisation using CCTV.