Digital Signage Solutions Derby

Digital signage can often be associated with the world of retail, however digital screens are becoming more common place in all types of establishments around the world.

Digital signage solutions are screens, combined with a media player, that enable you to communicate effectively with staff, customers, students and visitors. In the past key information and news may have been displayed in paper format on posters and been easily missed. However, now your important messages can be displayed on an eye catching 4K screen to ensure that it is seen by everyone that needs to see it.

When screens are combined with media players, they can broadcast all types of imagery and media such as posters or photographs to the screen. Media players can come with a large range of layout templates so that you can build your own message, using animated text, image slideshows, movies, clocks, news feeds and much more.  In fact, some manufacturers are even claiming that using digital signage can increase productivity.

There are numerous benefits to using a digital signage solution within your organisation. Large format displays are designed to have visual impact, meaning that your message to given more effectively to your audience.

One of the key reasons that we recommend a digital signage solution is due to their ease of use. Designing, updating and broadcasting to your displays can be done remotely from a central location, meaning that you can utilise your precious hours at work more efficiently. To ensure that the content on screen suits your audience, the player can even be set to display different images at different times of day.

Why choose Link ICT to procure and install a digital signage solution?

There are a number of reasons to choose Link ICT to procure and install your digital signage solution:

  • We have partnered with manufacturers, such as Sedao, to provide competitive pricing to our customers
  • Our knowledge of your needs means we can recommend the best solution for your school
  • We can handle all stages of the procurement and installation, providing a one-stop-shop
  • Our experienced technicians install at a time to suit you, including after school and during school holidays
  • We can configure the solution and train staff in how to use the software so you get the most out of your product

Link ICT have provided digital signage solutions to a number of their customers. If you’d like to learn more about the digital signage solutions we offer, or would like to discuss a quote, please get in touch today.