IT Networking Company

Fast, reliable, wireless internet is essential for ensuring productivity within any workplace. With our experience in crafting the perfect wireless networking solution and as an IT networking company Link ICT, can be your partner for designing, procuring, and installing a wireless network that meets the needs of your users and increases productivity.

From access points, to switches, through to bridges, the terminology around wireless networking can be overwhelming and difficult to decipher. When you chose to work with Link ICT, we can simplify and demystify your purchasing experience to give you confidence in the wireless networking solution you’ve chosen.  All users within your organisation will then benefit from increased internets speeds and easy access to the wireless network throughout their place of work.

Link ICT holds distributor agreements with a number of key wireless networking manufacturers and can utilise our bulk buying power to secure discounted pricing for our customers. Manufactures include, but are not limited to:

  • Cambium Networks
  • HPE Aruba
  • Cisco
  • Ubiquiti
  • Ruckus

For our education customers, we can also access education discounts on their behalf.  Many brands also offer a discount for trading in old equipment meaning that a new network may not cost as much as you anticipate.

The design of your wireless network will depend on a number of factors, including the layout of your building, the number of devices that use the wireless, what your users will be doing online, security, and scalability. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you get advice from an IT specialist like Link ICT to support you in designing and procuring your wireless network.

Our Network Managers have comprehensive knowledge of wireless network design and are highly experienced in completing site surveys, spending time getting to know the needs of each organisation they visit. They then use this information to design a wireless network that ensures no area of your building is without a fast, reliable internet connection.  With knowledge of a number of key brands, our Network Managers can evaluate which products will best meet your needs, whilst keeping within your budget.

We offer a fully comprehensive service, from designing your network, all the way through to installation. Our experienced technicians can install your network with minimum disruption at a time to suit you. We are also able to provide training and support for your network. Our purchasing team can also form an ongoing partnership to remind you of any upcoming license renewals for your wireless network.

Please contact us today to arrange for a no-obligation visit from a Network Manager to discuss your needs and even read about our implementation of a new networking system with one of our customers Oakwood Junior School.